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About Our Calabritto

about our calabritto
We hope you'll return to this page again and again, to see what has been added to our compilation of general information and links to things of interest about our beloved homeland.  If you have information or sources to add to this page, please use our CONTACT page to share it with us.  Grazie!

Finding Calabritto:

Nestled between the Picentini Mountains and the Sele River, Calabritto is located in the Sele Valley in the province of Avellino, in the beautiful Campania region of southern Italy.  Quaglietta is actually a part of Calabritto. Other nearby towns include Caposele, Lioni, Bagnoli Irpino, Acerno, Campagna, Teora, Nusco, Laviano, Senerchia and Valva.

By car, Calabritto is about an hour and half east of Naples.

A Brief History: 

In the 17th century, when we begin to find reliable records of our direct ancestors, Calabritto was located within the Kingdom of Naples, and ruled by the Spanish Crown. Next came the French Bourbon king ... and so on. Thus, there was no Italy as we know it when they were born.  And, we all have Calabritanni ancestors on our family trees who were technically citizens of Spain or France. 

But, what of Campania, the region of modern Italy in which one finds the Province of Avellino and the Commune of Calabritto?  We know it was inhabited for at least a thousand years before the birth of Christ by the Osci and Samnite tribes and, of course, the Etruscans. Later it was colonized by the Greeks. (An historic fun fact:  some inhabitants of Calabritto may be descended from Spartacus' troops, who escaped the Romans at the mouth of the Sele River during the first century before the birth of Christ.) 

All of this greed and fighting for the region was for good reason:  there was rich soil (thank you, Vesuvius, known to have been erupting for 17,000 years before the destruction of Pompeii); beautiful coastlines; and lovely inland hills, mountain, rivers and valleys.  

It is within this inviting region that we find Calabritto, its "franzoni" Quaglietta (since 1928), and its neighboring municipalities of Acerno, Bagnoli, Caposele Lioni, Senerchia and Valva.   

In fact, until 1279 Calabritto belonged to Caposele. After the 1656 plague the population began to increase, and in 1807 Calabritto became part of the province of Avellino. During World War II, it suffered a terrible bombing by the Anglo-Americans and, of course, the 1980 Irpinia Earthquake damaged the town, in unthinkable ways.

We invite you to visit this fascinating and interesting website to learn much more about the history, traditions, churches and culture of our beloved Calabritto.

A Few Very Basic Facts: 

~Calabritto has a population of about 2500 persons.

~The patron saints are San Giuseppe and Madonna della Neve.

~ While the community of Quaglietta is actually a part of Calabritto, other nearby towns include Caposele, Lioni, Bagnoli Irpino, Acerno, Campagna, Teora, Nusco, Laviano, Senerchia and Valva.

~For today's weather in Calabritto, click HERE

Contacting Calabritto:

Calabritto City Hall, Via Salvator Allende, Calabritto, 83040 Province of Avellino, ITALY- Phone: (+39) 0827-52004

Visiting Calabritto:


There is always something new (or very old!) to enjoy and explore in our beautiful Calabritto. Here are four ways to start your adventure.


You may have the pleasure of staying with family or friends, or find a charming little rental by searching online. This magnificent hotel and its elegant dining room both come highly recommended by our friends and cousins.


These restaurants come with high praise from Calabritanni from far and near. We invite you to visit our CONTACT page and suggest your favorites, too. Mangia!