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Our Resources - Italian Specific

Italian Specific
So, you're now on your journey, and you've begun to make some in-roads into the discovery of your Italian heritage.  We hope some of the links below might take you that little bit further.  
Looking for links and records specific to Calabritto?  We've listed those HERE
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general italian genealogy sites, guides & "how to's"
  • Italian Ancestor Pages 

    List of Italian genealogy sites showcasing Italian ancestry and personal stories of Italian roots family tree research.

  • Italian Genealogy.com 

    "Find answers regarding Italian Genealogy and ask your questions in order to help you along your search."

  • Italy Heritage.com

    An introduction to tracing your Italian ancestry, with a collection of articles and videos

  • Familysearch - Italian Genealogy  

    A good starting point to Italy ancestry, family history, and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, parish registers, and military records.

italian CIVIL records
  • Portal Antenati

    Italian government website hosting images of thousands of vital records.  A good starting point once you know where your family came from.

  • Familysearch - Italian Births 

    Only a few localities are included and the time period varies by locality. This collection contains 1,940,693 records.

  • Familysearch - Italian Deaths

    Only a few localities are included and the time period varies by locality. This collection contains 438,494 records.

  • Italian Parish Records.org

    With over 3,052,947 searchable indexed records from 1,423 parishes.  Not complete but being added to on a regular basis.

Italian Immigration 
  • Italo-Scottish Research Cluster

    The Italo-Scottish Research Cluster studies Italian immigration in Scotland and promotes relations between Scotland and Italy.

  • Italian Immigrants to Brazil

    A myriad of information about Italians in Brazil.  Included is a surname list of all known Italians who entered the country.  (Site last updated 2010)

  • Italian Genalogy in Spain

    Created in 2002 (and regularly updated) this page is a great resource for those with Italian-Spanish roots.

  • Italians in Argentina

    Containing links to numerous online sources.  Also includes some arrival lists of Italians to the country.

Italian digital newspapers
  • Italian Digital Newspapers 

    A small online spreadsheet, hosted by GeneaIndex, with a list of all available online Italian newspaper sources, with links.

Italian military records
  • Prisoners of the First World War

    Hosted by the Internation Committee of the Red Cross, and containing the original Red Cross record cards of all those interned during WW1.

  • Italian Surnames List

    A pretty comprehensive list of Italian surnames - useful when trying to translate records.

  • Italian Name Contractions

    The conversion of Italian names to English names and vice versa, also includes a handy pronunciation guide to each name.

translation, useful words & letter templates
  • Google Translate 

    Enter text (copy & paste is easiest, if possible), translate a web page by entering a URL, or upload a document for translation.

  • English-Italian Dictionary 

    A straightforward, easy to use dictionary,  simply enter the word you'd like to translate and press enter!

  • Italian Genealogy Word List

    This list contains Italian words that you are likely to find in genealogical sources with their English translations.

  • Italian Handwriting 

    With hints and tips on reading the sometimes difficult to understand Italian written word. 

  • Italian Professions 

    An A-Z list of Italian occupations and professions, accompanied by their English equivilent.

  • Italian-American Podcast

    By Anthony Fasano, an Italian-American amateur genealogist, who talks you through the steps he took to trace his Italian ancestors.

  • Italian Genealogy & Family History

    Hosted by Lisa Louise Cooke in her 'Genealogy Gems' series.  Subscribe to her channel to discover over 250 genealogical related videos.

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