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GROUPS, CLUBS & Societies
We have listed here numerous clubs, groups and Facebook groups and pages that we hope will assist you in your quest to discover your Italian ancestry. While many of the clubs require an annual membership, they're a great way to meet and share ideas with others on a similar quest. Do you know any groups that we haven't listed here? Get in touch via our CONTACT page…grazie!
  • Anglo-Italian Family History Society

    If you are interested in Italian genealogy and your ancestors lived in or passed through the United Kingdom after moving from Italy, this site can help you research your family history, as well as learn about the bigger picture of Italian migration to this country

  • Italian Genealogical Society of New Jersey

    The group, originally organized in September 1996 as a POINT chapter (Pursuing Our Italian Names Together) continues to provide genealogical researchers an opportunity to meet socially, and learn and share information pertaining to Italian research and culture

  • Italian Historical Society of America

    A non-profit educational and research corporation. The focus of the Society has been on commemorative ceremonies bringing the accomplishments of great Italians and Italian-Americans to public awareness through the medium of the internet.

  • Italian Genealogical Group 

    Established in 1993, and dedicated to promoting Italian family history and genealogy.  The IGG exists to provide support for those interested in researching their Italian ancestry and members range from beginners to professional genealogists - all are welcome!

  • Order Sons of Italy in America 

    Founded in 1905, it is the largest and oldest national organization for those of Italian heritage in the United States. Its missions include encouraging the study of Italian language, preserving Italian American traditions, culture, history and heritage; and promoting closer cultural relations between the United States and Italy.

  • Italian Heraldic Genealogical Society

    Founded on July 9, 1993 with the fundamental purpose of developing knowledge of Italian heraldry, genealogy, chivalric orders and other documentary sciences of history, and to offer everyone, scholars or enthusiasts, a direct line with people who have the same interests, albeit at different levels.

  • My Italian Family Tree

    Advice for building your Italian family tree. Weekly genealogy articles from Family Tree Advice / Fortify Your Family Tree. 

  • Calabritto Nel Mondo

    A photographic archive of Calabritto and Quaglietta, before and after the earthquake of 1980, right up to the present day.

  • Campania Italy Genealogy

    Devoted to those doing genealogical research on their ancestors who once emigrated from the region of Campania (Italy), setting a new life abroad.

  • Italian Genealogical Records 

    This group is dedicated to Italian records and exploring various sources when discussing Italian genealogy.  A great place to ask for help with translating records too!

  • Italian Genealogy

    This group gathers evidence about and helps with Italian genealogy research.

  • Genealogical Translations 

    A global volunteer group where members offer amateur family researchers’ free translation of their genealogical documents.

  • Italian Genealogical Group, Inc

    Dedicated to promoting Italian family history and genealogy and  to furthering genealogical research, through educational initiatives and the curation of resources.

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