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Americans of Italian Descent in New Jersey

americans of italian descent in new jersey
Written by Joseph William Carlevale and printed by North Jersey Press in 1950, this book contains the biographies of Americans of Italian descent who have contributed to the progress of the State of New Jersey in Labor, Finance, Industry, Business, Professions, Education, the Arts, Music and other fields of activity. 
We include below those of Calabrittani descent.

BATTISTA, Menoth Gerald

Senior Chemist Dept. of Law and Public Safety, Div. of Alcoholic and Beverage Control, State of N.J.  Born Newark, Nov 2, 1906, Son of John and Concetta (SIERCHIO) BATTISTA.  Graduated from Barringer High School and Seton Hall College, B.S., 1930.  Graduate work at Columbia Univ., and Rutgers Univ., specializing in the field of chemistry and clinical pathology.  With above dept. since 1936.  Recognized authority in alcohol beverages by state and federal governments.  Formerly with Dr Warner, the police chemist for four years and with the Newark Secondary School System.

Married to Angelina SANTORO of South Plainfield, N.J., July 10, 1938, a former secretary to her brother, Judge Edward SANTORO of Plainfield.  Member of the Chemist Club of New York; American Chemical Society; Eta Phi Alpha of Newark, and former manager of Tennis Tournament at Brank Brook Park.  Very active in civic and charitable affairs.

His father was born in CALABRITTO, Avellino, Italy.  Came to America in 1898, settling in Newark as a custom tailor.  Father of following children: Lena, married to Dr Frank SBARRA; Marie Lynda; Mrs Linda KOCHEN, a school nurse, and Guido, a biologist. 

Home: 227 Mt Prospect Ave., Newark, N.J.


Physician and county official.  Born in CALABRITTO, Avellino, Italy, Nov 29, 1875.  Son of Joseph and Maria Luigia (MEGARO) BERARDINELLI.  Came to the U.S. in 1903, settling in Newark.  Married Antonetta NAPOLIELLO of Philadelphia, Pa., in 1910.  One son, Joseph, a funeral director.  Dr Berardinelli graduated from the University of Naples, Italy, in 1901, in medicine and surgery.  Practised for two years as an officer in the military hospital in Naples before coming to the U.S.  He was one of the first to answer the American call to arms in World War I.  Commissioned to 1st Lt. in the Medical Corps in 1917; he was ordered to France where he was made captain in 1918; the following year he was promoted to major.  Honourably discharged in July 1919. 

He was among the first Italian doctors in Newark.  Member of the American Medical Association.  Past President of North New Jersey Pathological Society.  Life member, Order of Officers of World War I.

His Father, a pharmacist in Italy, had the following children; Carmine G; Annibale; late John; Gus, a pharmacist in Newark; Mrs Leonilda ROSSI of Newark; Mrs Gerolama BATTISTA of Rockland, Mass, and Mrs Virginia DEL GUERCIO of CALABRITTO, Italy. 

Office & Home: 92-8th Ave., Newark, N.J.


Mortician and Director of Berardinelli Home for Funerals, 253 Mt Prospect Ave., Newark.  Born Newark, June 17, 1913.  Son of Carmine and Antonetta (NAPOLIELLO) BATTISTA.  Graduated Barringer High; N.Y. University, and McAllister School of Embalming and Mortuary Research in 1939.  Funeral Director since 1940, possessing one of the finest and most modern Funeral Homes in the city.

Married to Frances JIORLE of Phillisbury, N.J. on April 15, 1942.  Children: Carmine, Joseph Jr., and Antoinette.  Mr Berardinelli is a member of New Jersey Funeral Directors Ass’n., Forest Hill Civic Club; North Roseville League Inc.; Club Harmony Inc., North Newark Political and Educational Ass’n, and treasurer of United American Club Inc.  Fond of baseball, football and aquatic sports.  Hobby: Amateur Photography.  Active in civic, social, political and charitable affairs. 

His father, a graduate of the University of Naples, Italy, is one of the first Italian-American physicians of Newark, and a veteran Major in the U.S. Army World War I Medical Corps (See his father Carmine G. sketch in this book).

Office & Home: 253 Mt. Prospect Ave., Newark, N.J.


Operatic Baritone.  Born Newark, Feb 17, 1917.  Son of Donato and Maria (CARLUCCI) CALCAGNO.  Graduated from Barringer High School.  Began to study music when 22 years old, and sand with many popular bands.  Became known as an operatic singer in 1944.  Pupil of Prof. Enzo SERAFINI, director of opera classed at the Philadelphia Conservatory of Music and of the Opera Comique of New York City.  Also studied for a year at Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory of Milan, Italy, under Commendatore Avignole Borghese, former baritone of Scala Opera House.  Music expert pronounce his voice and delivery excellent with fine tones.

Married to Rebecca CARMARINO of Newark, Dec 2, 1939.  One daughter, Diana, born Oct 31, 1944.  His father was born in CALABRITTO, Avellino, Italy, and came to America in 1901, settling in Newark as a grape merchant.  Has the following children: Angelo, Joseph, Ernest and Orlando.

Home: 33 Sixth Ave., Newark, N.J.

CENTANNI, Alphonse G.

Dental Surgeon.  Born Newark, Nov 4, 1912.  Son of Vincent and Angela Maria (PARISI) CENTANNI.  Education: Barringer High School; Villanova College; University of Maryland Dental School, D.D.S., 1936.  In general practice since 1937.  Member: Essex County and New Jersey State Dental Societies, and American Dental Association.  Active in civic, social and charitable affairs and fond of baseball, football, boxing and travel.  A veteran, U.S. Army, WWII, Dental Corps, where he attained the rank of Major.

His father was born in CALABRITTO, Avellino, Italy, and came to America in the early 80’s, settling in Newark, where he engaged in the ice and coal business.  Has the following children:  Joseph, architect; Gerald; attorney in Kearny; Susan, married to Rocco SIRCHIO; Minnie, and Dr Alphonse G.

Home: 160 Ridge Street, Newark, N.J.


Clerk, Health Dept., City of Newark.  Born Newark July 4, 1884.  Son of Gaetano and Concetta (LOMBARDI) CENTANNI.  Educated in the public schools.  In the service of the City of Newark Heath Dept., since July 1 1918.  Formerly with Recreation Commission from 1915-1918.

Married late Raffaella ZOPPI of Newark, in 1912.  Children: Jeanette, married to Frank FERRARO, and Guy, who is with Westinghouse Corp., married to Peggy THOMAS of Newark.  Married a second time to Rose SARNO of Newark in 1936.

Mr Centanni is a member of Newark Health Dept., Mutaul Aid Association, and John A. Brady Association.  His father was born in CALABRITTO, Avellino, Italy and came to the U.S. in 1879, and was among the pioneer settlers of Newark, as a tonsorialist (barber).  Had the following children: Late Antoinette, married to Joseph PARISI; Michael; James H.; Alfonsina, married to Annibale SIERCHIO; Louis; Elisa, married to Archie FAMULARO; late Colomba, married to Ernest ZOPPI; Letizia, married to Nicolina ZOPPI; and Elvira, married to Joseph IASACOME.

Home: 316 Clifton Ave., Newark, N.J.


Registered Architect, State of New Jersey.  Born Newark, May 26, 1917.  Son of Joseph and Concetta (FABOZZI) CENTANNI.  Graduated from Barringer High School, and Pratt Institute of Architectural Design of New York City.  Special studies at Columbia University and Rutgers University, specializing in all phases of architecture since 1945.  Veteran of U.S. Army, WWII, stationed at Fort Belvoir, Va., where he was for five years camp architect and designed numerous buildings for the U.S. Government.  Mr Centanni is a member of the Newark Chapter of N.J. Society of Architects, and B.P.O. Elks.  Active in civic, social, political and charitable affairs.

His father was born in Newark, Feb 14, 1894, and is a registered architect.  Has the following children: James G.; Mrs Frances CASTELLUCCIO; Ralph, a graduate of Seton Hall College; Mary; Edward, student of architecture; and Gloria Rose.  All the boys are veterans of U.S. Army, WWII.  Grandfather, Vincent, was born in CALABRITTO, Avellino, Italy, and came to America in 1886, settling in Newark, engaged in the ice and coal business.

Office: 263 Clifton Ave., Newark, N.J.

Home: 69 Manchester Pl., Newark, N.J.


Youth Coordinator, Newark Police Dept.  Born Newark, June 30, 1910.  Son of Angelo and Filomena (LARDIERE) CENTANNI.  Graduated: Barringer High School; Fawcett School of Art, and Pratt Institute of Art.  Veteran, U.S. Armed Forces, WWII, overseas for five years.  Participated in European, Alaska and Pacific campaigns.  Awarded ten ribbons.  Honourably discharged as a Master Sergeant.  Appointed member of Newark Police Dept., in 1942.  Began his active duty in 1946.

Married Lucille HAWKINS of Birmingham, Alabama, Oct 16, 1942.  One daughter, Filomena, born Feb 23, 1946.  Officer Centanni is the first police officer in the city of Newark to receive the Silver Medal of Merit for heroism at the P.B.A. state convention held at Atlantic City in 1948.  On Jan 28 he was the means of rescuing two boys that were drowning at Branch Brook Park of Newark.  He is a member of P.B.A.; The Columbian association, and Unico Club.

His father was born in CALABRITTO, Avellino, Italy, and came to America in 1898, settling in Newark, as a construction worker.  Had the following children: John Gerard; Gerard; Mrs Mildred LONGO; Mrs Gernerosa DI LORENZO; and an adopted brother, Giovino LARDIERI.

Home: 38 Cutler Street, Newark, N.J.

D'ALLEGRO, Michael

Proprietor, Public Service Pharmacy of Newark.  Born CALABRITTO, Avellino, Italy, Aug 25, 1903.  Son of Gistino and Raffaela (RIZZOLI) D’ALLEGRO.  Came to America in 1905, settling in Newark.  Education: Barringer High School and New Jersey College of Pharmacy.  Registered Pharmacist since 1933.  In above business since 1933.  Also owned Zuppi Drug Inc., of Paterson, New Jersey, 1942-1946.

Married Rosa BIONDI of Newark, Feb 4, 1934.  Mr D’Allegro is a member of New Jersey State, County and National Pharmaceutical Associations; Order Sons of Italy in America, and Newark Lions Club.  He is fond of fishing, golf and horseback riding.  Active in civic, social and charitable affairs, and a lover of art, travel and grand opera.

His father came to the U.S. in 1904, settling in Newark, as an office worker.  Had the following children: Mrs Michelina CALCAGNO; Mrs Antonetta MEGARO; late Gerard; Antonio; Joseph, and Michael, of the above biography.

Home: 17 Bellair Place, Newark, N.J.

DEL GUERCIO, Lawrence M.

Recreation and Physical Education, Newark Public School System.  Born, Ithaca, N.Y., Aug 12, 1924.  Son of Frank and Margery (JURSICK) DEL GUERCIO.  Graduated from Barringer High School and from Seton Hall College, B.S., 1949, in Physical Education.  Special courses at New York University.  With Newark Public School System since 1949.

Married to Clara MILANO of Newark, May 29, 1949.  Mr Del Guercio is very active in civic, social and charitable affairs.  In High School he was on Varsity track and cross-country teams for three years.  Fond of all sports.  Lover of travel, art and music.  Veteran of U.S. Navy in the Pacific on the battleship ‘California’.

His father is a native of Newark and has the following children: Victor, is with the Sanitation Laboratory at Rutgers University; Lawrence M., of above biography; Irene; Edna and Virginia.  His Grandfather Michael was born in CALABRITTO, Avellino, Italy, and came to America in 1896, settling in Newark.

Home: 332 North 7th Street, Newark, N.J.

ILARIA, Laurence John

Ass’t Chief Pharmacist, Division of Pharmacy, Dept. of Health, City of Newark.  Born, Sept 21, 1898.  Son of Alfonso and Adelina (RUSSOMANDO) ILLARIA.  Graduated from Central High School and New Jersey College of Pharmacy, now Rutgers Univ. College of Pharmacy, Ph.G., 1918.  In the service of the of the City of Newark, Health Dept. since 1938.  Formerly in retail drug business in Newark.

Married to Margaret ZICCARDI of Newark, April 30, 1923.  Mr Ilaria is a member of New Jersey Pharmaceutical Ass’n.; Essex County Civil Service Ass’n.; among the charter members of the Unico Club.  Also registered pharmacist in the State of Florida.  Active in civic, political and charitable affairs.

His mother was born in Caposele, Avellino, Italy.  His father was born in CALABRITTO, Avellino, Italy.  Came to America in 1873 and was among the earliest Italian American pioneer settlers of Newark, where he engaged as band musician, steamship agent, special policeman, jeweller, and in the Italian Bank.  Had the following children; Ralph, veteran U.S. Army, WWI overseas; Laurence John; Mrs Carrie CINOTTI; Mrs Jennie CASPARO; Mrs Josephine RIVELLO; and Helen CASSELLA.

Home: 362 Clifton Ave., Newark, N.J.

MATTIA, Richard F.

Pioneer Italian Civic Leader.  Born in CALABRITTO, Avellino, Italy, Jan 2, 1872.  Came to America in 1873, among the very first Italian settlers of Newark.  At the age of eight he chopped wood with his father, going to school at night.  At 16 with his brother Petrino became prominent in photography, winning numerous prizes.  At 21 he was the youngest and the first Italian-American to serve in the Grand Jury, and first Italian-American to be elected member of freeholders in Essex County, serving ten years, last time elected with a 32,000 majority. 

Later distinguished himself as chairman of the Finance Committee and many other committees.  All of the newspapers in the county were on his side nicknaming him “The Watchdog” of the county’s finances.  During his term of office he was instrumental in having an Italian-American appointed in nearly every dept. of the county.  He was also a teacher of civics in evening schools for four years and Captain of Co. B., 113 Infantry, N.J. National Guard for ten years.  Also managed a printing establishment and was editor of “The Review” a weekly newspaper.  In his younger days he was a good amateur boxer, track runner, wrestler, bicycle racer and a comedian.

Home: 203 Mt. Prospect Ave., Newark, N.J.

MATTIA, Virginius Dante

Dental surgeon.  Born in Newark, son of Petrino and Gelsomina MATTIA.  Graduated from Georgetown University College of Dental Surgery, D.D.S., in 1921.  In general practice since 1921.  Veteran U.S. Army, World War I.  Married to Laura SANTORO of Newark, Aug 30, 1922.  Two children: Virginius Danye Jr., a graduate of Rutgers Univ. (M.B.) and N.Y. Medical College, M.D., 1950, id veteran U.S. Navy in the Pacific as a Lt., and Jessie, a graduate of River College, B.S., is a dietitian. 

Dr Mattia is a member of the American Dental Ass’n, Xi Psi Phi Dental Fraternity and American Legion.  Fond of travel, gardening and playing with his grandson Chipper.  Dr Mattia was in his younger days a reporter for Newark Evening Star and Sunday Call.  Also published two weeklies “The Liberal” and “Il Corriere della Domenica”.  Author, “Politics, a Funny Thing”, etc.

His father was born in CALABRITTO, Italy.  Came to America in 1873, was among the earliest Italian pioneer settlers on Newark, and the first Italian boy to attend Newark public schools.  He is now about to publish a valuable book on the “Pioneer Italian Settlers of Newark”.  Had the following children: late Angelo; Alfonso, veteran of U.S. Navy, WWI; Virginius Dante; Mrs Roma MILLER; Palma; Mrs Olive SILEO; Mrs Lira BLEWELL, and Mrs Flora STRAUSS.  Grandfather Angelo Maria, who came six months previous to Mr Mattia, was the first Italian settler of Newark.

Home: 141 Second Ave., Newark, N.J.

MEGARO, Pasquale (Pat)

Partner, Megaro Memorial Home, 341 Roseville Avenue, Newark.  Born Newark, March 7, 1908.  Son of Michael A. and Maria (D’ALESSIO) MEGARO.  Graduate of Peddle Institute and McAllister School of Embalming of New York City.  Funeral Director since 1930.

Married to Rose LANZARA of Newark in 1941.  Mr Megaro is a veteran of U.S. Army, WWII.  Fond of all sports and very active in civic, social, political and charitable affairs.  Member: Eta Phi Alfa fraternity; Columbian Civic Club; Abadaba Club; Cyclone Club; Takoma Athletic Club; Sheffield Pleasure Club; Holy Name Society and St Francis Xavier Catholic World War Vets.

His father, a native of CALABRITTO, Avellino, Italy, came to the U.S. in the early 1880’s, and was among the pioneer Italian settlers of Newark.  Became a funeral director in 1906 and established the Megaro Funeral Home.  He died in 1939.  His sons Pasquale and Michael A. Jr., together with his son in law Domenick A. CUNDARI, also a funeral director, carry on the business under the name of Megaro Memorial Home, which is one of the finest and most modern funeral homes in the state.

Home & Office: 341 Roseville Ave., Newark, N.J.

PALMIERI, Gerald Justin

Public Accountant, 114 Branford Place, Newark, Born Newark, Jan 28, 1908.  Son of Giustino and Mary (BATTISTA) PALMIERI.  Graduated from Barringer High School and from New York University (Bachelor of Commercial Science in Accounting) in 1931. Married to Eleanor Lucille CORAGGIO of Maplewood, N.J. Sept 27, 1936.  Two children: Elaine Mary and Gerald Justin.

Mr Palmieri is a member of N.J. Ass’n of Public Accountants; National Society of Public Accountants: New York University Alumni Association and Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity of N.Y. University.

His father was born in CALABRITTO, Avellino, Italy.  Came to America in 1886 and was among pioneer Italian settlers of Newark.  Had the following children: Anthony; Joseph: Gerald Justin; Mary, married to Sam SPADIA; Mrs Beatrice BORTON; Gilda, married to Angelo CLERICUZIO; Philip, veteran U.S. Army, Roland, associated with his brother Gerald Justin; and Olympia.  Grandfather Carmine, who came to the U.S. in the late 70’s settled in Newark. 

Home: 99 Parker Ave, Maplewood, N.J.

RIZZOLO, Adolph R.

Doctor of Dental Surgery.  Born Newark, Feb 19, 1907.  Son of Tobias and Filippa (DEL GUERCIO) RIZZOLO.  Graduated Barringer High School; University of Pennsylvania College in 1903.  In general practice since 1933.  On staff of Cerebral Palsey Guidance Council of New York City; Staff Dentist at Kessler Institute of Rehabilitation, and staff assistant at Hospital and Home for Crippled Children.

Married Vera S. STURCHIO of Newark in 1934.  One son, Ronald, born Dec 12, 1941.  Dr Rizzolo is a member of the County, State and National Dental Associations.  Active in civic, social and charitable affairs and fond og ice skating, gardening and photography.

His father was born in CALABRITTO, Avellino, Italy.  Came to America in 1897, settling in Newark as a shoe dealer.  Had the following children: Adolph R.; Mrs Nellie MAGNO; Mrs Edith LA GIOPPA; Mrs Lois BERARDI and Clara.

Office: 183 Clifton Ave., Newark, N.J.

Home: 435 Ridge St., Newark, N.J.

RIZZOLO, Edward M.

Physician and Surgeon.  Born Newark, Sept 7, 1898.  Son of Vito Alfonso and Maria (FILIPPONE) RIZZOLO.  Education: Kearney High School; New York University; Baylor University, College of Medicine; M.D., 1925.  Interne at St Michael’s American Legion, and Presbyterian Hospitals.

Married to Josephine DI GERONIMO of Brooklyn, N.Y.  One son, Edward, student of Seton Hall College.  Dr Rizzolo is a veteran U.S. Army, WWI.  Member of the American Medical Association; Academy of Medicine of Northern New Jersey; American Legion; Elks; and Lions Club.  Active in civic, social and charitable affairs.

His father was born in CALABRITTO, Avellino, Italy.  Came to America in 1878 and was among the pioneer Italian-American settlers of Newark, where he engaged as a building contractor for fifty years.  Had ten children: Frank, veteran U.S. Navy, is an attorney; Adolph, veteran, U.S. Army; Dr Edward; Carl, retired banker; Jeffrey, dentist; Cornelius; Agnes; Victor, veteran U.S. Navy WWII; Homer, veteran U.S. Navy, WWII and Mrs Marie NESTLER.

Office and Home: 523 Union Ave, Belleville, N.J.

RIZZOLO, Frank Alphonso

Counsellor at Law.  Born Newark, July 1, 1895.  Son of Vito Alfonso and Maria Giuseppa (FILIPPONE) RIZZOLO.  Graduated from Kearny High School and from New York University, LL. B., 1919.  In general practice since 1919.  Counsellor at Law since 1923.

Married the late Elvira NAPILIELLO of Newark in 1919.  Children: Victor A., graduate of Rutgers University, veteran of U.S. Army overseas, awarded six battle stars and Purple Heart, is an attorney in Newark; Marie Josephine, graduate Kearny High, is a private secretary.  Married a second tome to Nivette LUCCIOLA of Newark in 1946.  Attorney Rizzolo is a veteran of the U.S. Navy, naval intelligence during WWI.  In 1920 he was elected Councilman 1st Ward in Kearny.  Also police commissioner of Kearny.  Served as chairman of important committees.  Past commander of Newark Post 10 and 302 American Legion.  Member: United American War Veterans Army and Navy Union; Elks; Essex County Bar association; New Jersey Bar Association and other civil, social and charitable organisations.

His father was born in CALABRITTO, Avellino, Italy.  Came to U.S. in 1878, was among the pioneer Italian American settlers of Newark, where he engaged as a building contractor for fifty years.  Had the following children: Frank, attorney; Adolph; Edward M., a physician in Belleville; Carl; Cornelius; Jeffrey, dentist; Agnes; Victor; Homer and Mrs Marie NESTLER.

Office: 17 William Street, Newark, N.J.

RAIMO, Carmine Albert

Prosecutor’s Investigator, Court House, Newark.  Born Newark, June 8, 1905.  Son of Joseph and Mary (SPATOLA) RAIMO.  Educated in the Webster Public School and Central High School.  Prosecutor’s Investigator since 1946.  Formerly with the Superintendent of Elections and Commissioner of Registration for a number of years.

Married to Jeanette MULLEN of Rocky Hill, N.J. on June 18, 1927.  Two children: Lorraine Evelyn, a graduate of Newark Preparatory College, is married to Joseph CAFFERY, and Ronald Joseph, a graduate of Bloomfield High School, where he was a member of the varsity football team.

Mr Raimo is a member of the Eleventh Ward Republican Club and Bloomfield Republican Club.  Active in civic, social, political and charitable affairs, and fond of baseball, football, roller derby, hunting and travel.

His father was born in CALABRIITO, Avellino, Italy and came to America in 1881 and was among the pioneer Italian settlers of Newark, and state employed for 35 years.  He had the following children: Late Mrs Nellie SPITERY; Carmine A.; Mrs Frances RENGA; Joseph A., with the Newark Fire Department; Mrs Lilian RENGA, and the late Ralda.  Grandfather, Carmine came to America in 1875, settling in Newark.

Home: 226 No. 17th Street, Bloomfield, N.J.

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