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Our Photos & Documents

Our Photos & Documents
They're in dusty albums, in shoeboxes in the attic ... and often in the most unexpected places. They are your beloved (and sometimes neglected) vintage photographs; certificates of birth, baptism, marriage or death; and fragile ephemera.  (In the future, we plan to connect you to resources and techniques for the proper care and preservation of these treasures.)
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vintage photographs
Rizziere/Richard F. MATTIA (1872 – 1961)Angelomaria MATTIA (1841 – 1925)Petrino/Peter B. MATTIA (1869 – 1953)

A circa 1910 portrait of Rizziere/Richard F. MATTIA (1872-1961). He was an artist, a photographer and a political officer holder in Newark, New Jersey, USA.  He was born in Calabritto and died in Newark.

A circa 1900 photographic portrait of Angelomaria MATTIA (1841–1925). He is believed to have been one of the very first Calabrittani to settle in Newark, New Jersey, USA. He was born in Calabritto and died in Newark.

A circa 1887 photograph of Petrino/Peter B. MATTIA (1869–1953) in his art studio in Newark NJ, USA, creating a portrait of himself and his new bride (and first cousin!) Gesummina ILARIA. 

Givonna Parise has shared this 1947 photograph of her grandfather Gelsomino "James" Parisi (1896–1974) on the left, and his brother Angelo Michele "Michael" Parisi (1888–1953) in Seattle, WA, USA.

Gioachino RAIMA (1866-1937)Angelomaria MATTIA (1841 – 1925)Romeo Gerardo MATTIA (1902-2001)Laura Santoro

A circa 1925 portrait of Gioachino RAIMO (1866-1937), otherwise John Dymond, born in Calabritto, but unlike his siblings - who immigrated to New Jersey, USA - came to the United Kingdom, circa 1900.

Born in Caposele, Filomena ILARIA (1843–1915) married Calabrittano, Angelomaria MATTIA (1841–1925). This circa 1910 sepia print is from a glass negative created in their sons' Newark, NJ photography studio.

Romeo Gerardo Mattia (1902-2001) was a son of Newark, NJ photographer Rizziere Mattia, born in Calabritto in 1872.  Romeo married Mary Laudadio in 1920; sons were Richard, Jr. and Joseph Mattia.

In 1912, at age 14, Laura Santoro left Lioni for the USA. This whimsical image was created before her marriage to Virginius D. Mattia, whose father was Calabritto-born photographer Petrino B. Mattia.

Joseph Napoleon/Napoliello (1896-1968) and sister Anna (1894-1987)Rizziere F. MATTIA (1872-1961)Romeo Gerardo MATTIA (1902-2001)Laura Santoro

Joseph Napoleon/Napoliello (1896-1968) and sister Anna (1894-1987) were born in Philadelphia, to Calabritto-born Giovanni Napoliello (1865–1942) and (maybe Genova-born) Catherine Boro (1871-1955). 

History tells of a Columbian Guard in early Newark. Regardless of what it has to say about Columbus (or his holiday), Calabritto-born Rizziere F. MATTIA (1872-1961) served proudly as a Major in the unit.

Domenico Fungaroli, seated, was born in Calabritto in 1844, and died in Newark, NJ in 1927.  The unidentified young man may be a Fungaroli, Megaro or Stellato. Photo taken in Newark, NJ.

Joseph John Fungaroli, b. 1892, Newark, NJ – d. 1927, fought in WWI in France. He married Bertha Foissey in 1919, with whom he had 6 children (continued on next photo).

Joseph Napoleon/Napoliello (1896-1968) and sister Anna (1894-1987)Rizziere F. MATTIA (1872-1961)Romeo Gerardo MATTIA (1902-2001)Laura Santoro

(continued) Joseph John Fungaroli attempted to bring his family to the USA after the war, but they were banned entry because one of his children suffered from cerebral palsy.

During WWII, James Gelsomino Fungaroli (1873–1949) was base shoemaker/cobbler at Westover Air Force Base. This ID photo was part of a strict security clearance because he was born in Italy.

1911 Fungaroli family portrait:  Gelsomino Fungaroli (b. 1873, Calabritto - d. 1949, Northampton, MA); wife Barbara Montano (b. Guardia Pertica, Italy); and their children Domenico, Antonio, Galileo (Dan), Emilio, and Apollina Lucia (baby).

vintage documents
Rizziere/Richard F. MATTIA (1872 – 1961)Gioachino RAIMO (1866-1937)Gioachino RAIMO (1866-1937)Awaiting next document image

May 9, 1808 Calabritto Baptismal record for Pietro Paolo MATTIA (1808–1867), son of Donato MATTIA (1771–1826) and Teresa BOTTIGLIERI (1761–1827). All were born and died in Calabritto.

A page of Gioachino RAIMO's Alien Registration Card, issued in 1918.  As with all aliens residing in the UK, on the outbreak of war in 1914 Gioachino had had to register at the local Police Station.

Page extract from the baptisms register of the R/C Church of Truro, Cornwall, UK, showing (at the top of the page) the entry for Parderine (Ardorine) RAIMO (1907-1938) - son of Gioachino & Maria.

In addition to being a professional playwright and photographer, Calabritto-born Petrino B. Mattia (1869–1953) was a gifted self-taught artist. This rendition of a 17th c Italian painting is in the home of great granddaughter, Rita Mattia.

clipping and ephemera
Petrino/Peter B. MATTIA (1869 – 1953)Awaiting Next Document ImageAwaiting next document imageAwaiting next document image

Late 19th century newspaper clipping about Petrino/Peter B. MATTIA (1869–1953), who was born in Calabritto, the son of Angelomaria MATTIA (1841–1925) and Filomena ILARIA(1843–1915). 

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