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Our Calabritto Trees

Our calabritto trees
Welcome to a SNEAK PREVIEW of our amazing, in-progress “Calabritto Ancestors” family tree, currently being built on the website ancestry.com.
Our researchers are focusing on birth, marriage and death records from the years 1809 - 1915. We’ve already entered more than 14,000 individuals using available records through the year 1865!
If you would like to access the Calabritto Ancestors tree and track our progress, click on the link below. If prompted, sign in to your Ancestry account or create one for free. The "Calabritto Ancestors" tree will now appear under your Ancestry Tree tab. 
You’ll have the opportunity to explore direct ancestors and their siblings, marriages between families, and so much more — all while knowing that this information is more than family lore. It is what was recorded as it happened … and is being meticulously translated and entered on our growing tree by our dedicated researchers right now.
Please understand that because this IS a work in progress, you may not see every ancestor you believe to have existed in Calabritto.  And, because the data being entered is limited to the years 1809 - 1915, you may not find some of the more recent ancestors you are aware of.  
All of that said … we are eager to share what we have so far. Now. Click HERE to take a look!
One final caveat:  this website does not recommend, refer or sell genealogical research services. Our purpose is simply to share with you what we know ... and what we learn.  We're family!